Location of Standards 
1) House Bill 317 Amending Section 33-513, 33-514, 33-515, Idaho Code. 2) IDAPA Local District Evaluation Policy _ School Principal
Version of ISLLC Standards Referenced by State 
2008 version
Year of Law Passage / Rule Change 
Standards recommended in 2012 and adopted in 2013.
Overview of Standards, if different from ISLLC Standards 
Fourteen standards: School Culture; Communication; Advocacy; Shared Leadership; Priority Management; Transparency; Leadership Renewal; Accountability; Innovation; Instructional Vision; High Expectations; Continuous Improvement of Instruction; Evaluation; and Recruitment and Retention
Use of Standards in Evaluation of School Leaders, Preparation Programs, and/or Other Purposes 
Idaho has identified state minimum standards for principal evaluation based on the ISLLC standards. In addition, administrators are required to obtain proof of proficiency in conducting teacher evaluations using the state's adopted model.
Presence of Principal Supervisor Standards 
Presence of Principal Supervisor Job Description 
Idaho Department of Education. (2013). Idaho standards for effective principals. Retrieved from
Year of Adoption of Principal Supervisor Policy Standards 
Location of Principal Supervisor Policy Standards (regulation, statute, etc.)