Version of ISLLC Standards Referenced by State 
2008 version
Year of Law Passage / Rule Change 
Kansas is in the process of revising its leadership standards, which should be approved by the State Board of Education in spring 2014.
Overview of Standards, if different from ISLLC Standards 
The categories used for the state's evaluation constructs, though aligned, differ slightly from the ISLLC Standards. Building leaders are evaluated according to four constructs: Setting Direction, Developing the Learner, Developing Staff, and Making the Organization Work. District leaders are also evaluated according to four constructs: Setting Direction and Making the Organization Work; Supporting Learner Growth and Development; Developing Staff; and Engaging Stakeholders and External Influencers.
Use of Standards in Evaluation of School Leaders, Preparation Programs, and/or Other Purposes 
The state's guidelines for evaluation systems indicate that district systems must be supported by research that is varied and comprehensive, including resources such as the ISLLC Standards. The state evaluation model, the Kansas Educator Evaluation Protocol, uses constructs that are aligned with the ISLLC Standards. In addition, coursework and field experiences in leadership preparation programs must be based on the Building Leadership and District Leadership Standards for Kansas Educators.
Presence of Principal Supervisor Standards 
Presence of Principal Supervisor Job Description 
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Year of Adoption of Principal Supervisor Policy Standards 
Location of Principal Supervisor Policy Standards (regulation, statute, etc.)