Location of Standards 
Administrative Rule; Nevada Administrative Code (NAC 391.571, 391.572, and 391.573)
Version of ISLLC Standards Referenced by State 
2008 version
Year of Law Passage / Rule Change 
A draft of the state's evaluation process for administrators was published in June 2013.
Overview of Standards, if different from ISLLC Standards 
Administrator Instructional Leadership Standards (four standards): Focus on Learning; Culture of Continuous Improvement; Productive Relationships; and Structures; Administrator Professional Responsibilities Standards (four standards): Manages Human Capital; Self-Reflection and Professional Growth; Professional Obligations; and Family and Community Engagement.
Use of Standards in Evaluation of School Leaders, Preparation Programs, and/or Other Purposes 
The Nevada Educator Performance Framework uses domains that are strongly influenced by existing administrator leadership standards, including the ISLLC Standards. The state also indicates that it intends to align performance evaluations with preparation and licensure.
Presence of Principal Supervisor Standards 
Presence of Principal Supervisor Job Description 
Nevada Teachers and Leaders Council. (2013). Nevada educator performance framework: Evaluation process for administrators (draft). Carson City, NV: Nevada Department of Education.
Year of Adoption of Principal Supervisor Policy Standards 
Location of Principal Supervisor Policy Standards (regulation, statute, etc.)