Version of ISLLC Standards Referenced by State 
Year of Law Passage / Rule Change 
The State Board approved the Teacher and Leader Effectiveness System on 12/15/2011.
Overview of Standards, if different from ISLLC Standards 
According to statute, the principal practice component of district evaluation systems must include at least the following six domains: Organizational and School Management, Instructional Leadership, Professional Growth and Responsibility, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership Skills, and Stakeholder Perceptions.
Use of Standards in Evaluation of School Leaders, Preparation Programs, and/or Other Purposes 
The Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Commission has approved three leader frameworks for use in evaluation systems (McREL, Reeves', and Marzano). Although the state's documents do not specifically mention the ISLLC Standards, each of the approved frameworks is aligned with the ISLLC Standards.
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